Frederick Gallegos

Gallegos , audit adviser, Computer Information Systems, spoke on ?IT Governance, Methods, Metrics and Techniques? on Nov. 18, at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Bank Technology Training and Roundtable in Dallas, Texas. He also recently authored two articles. The first, a feature article entitled, ?Maintaining IT Audit Proficiency ? The Role of Professional Development Planning,? appeared in the Information Systems Control Journal, Vol. 6, 2002. The second, entitled ?Due Professional Care,? was published in the Accounting World, August 2002, published by the Institute of Chartered Financial Analyst of India. Gallegos appeared in the Internal Auditor Magazine, October 2002, ?Computers and Auditing Department? and the Institute of Internal Auditor?s, Vol. 5, November 2002, in an article entitled, ?Wireless Security.?