University Introduces New Administrative Credential Program

The College of Education and Integrative Studies (CEIS) this fall introduced a new credential and internship program geared to help local educators prepare to enter school administration as assistant principals or principals.

Educators can now take classes to complete their Preliminary Administrative Services Credential at Cal Poly Pomona. A new Administrative Intern Program also connects short-handed districts with candidates enrolled at the university.

?The new program is designed to prepare future educational leaders with the knowledge and skills to ensure that our schools meet the learning needs of all our students,? said Richard Navarro, dean of CEIS. ?The state and federal governments have been and will continue to adopt polices that demand more accountability of our schools based on rigorous academic standards for our children. Therefore, we need principals, superintendents, and other administrators who are prepared to lead the transformation of our schools to meet these challenges.?

For more information about the administrative credential program and internship, call coordinator Anthony Avina, associate professor of education, at (909) 869-4685.