Series of Teach-Ins Scheduled to Address U.S./Iraq Issue

The public is invited to a series of on-campus teach-ins addressing the possibility of war with Iraq. Organized by a group of concerned faculty and students, the first teach-in will be held Wednesday, Oct. 9, from noon to 1 p.m., in the University Quad.

Participants will hear history professor John Moore analyze the United Nations charter, international law and the doctrine of President Bush. Political science professor Sid Silliman will address the current congressional resolution authorizing war powers for the president. Students Farrah Hassen and Danny Wang will speak on alternatives to the conflict and politics of the current Iraqi crisis.

This is the first in a planned series of events designed to offer students, staff and faculty information and analysis and a chance to hear different viewpoints on Iraq and war.

A second teach-in is scheduled for Oct. 22, at noon, featuring Cal State San Bernardino political science professor Mark Clark, a supporter of the Bush position.

For more information, contact professor Dennis Loo at (909) 869-3892 or or Farrah Hassen at (909) 869-3115 or