Faculty, Staff Honored for Years of Service at Fall Conference 2002

Faculty, Staff Honored for Years of Service at Fall Conference 2002
Ben Siegel and
President Suzuki
Joseph Farrell and
President Suzuki
William Hughes and
President Suzuki
David Jaques and
President Suzuki
Ronald Peterson and
President Suzuki
Martin Stoner and
President Suzuki

Nearly 200 faculty and staff were honored for their years of service to Cal Poly Pomona on Sept. 17 at the Service Awards ceremony for Fall Conference 2002. Twenty-four employees have given at least 30 years of service to the university.

One Cal Poly Pomona professor began teaching on campus in 1957 ? the same year the last five-mile strip of the San Bernardino Freeway from West Covina to Pomona was paved, making the campus directly accessible from Los Angeles. Other staff and faculty who have called CPP their home since 1972 can remember the campus hiring its first all woman parking patrol.

The following is a list of staff and faculty with at least 30 years of employment at Cal Poly Pomona under their belts:

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45 Year Recipient

Ben Siegel, English & Foreign Languages

35 Year Recipients

Joseph Farrell, English & Foreign Languages

William Hughes, Management/Agricultural Education

David Jaques, Economics

Ronald Peterson

Martin Stoner, Biological Sciences

30 Year Recipients

Dolores Barsellotti, International Business/Marketing

Segundina Bennett, Admissions

Nancy Anna Daugherty, Library

Sandra Davis, President?s Office

Glenn Franks, CEIS Dean?s Office Support

Susana Hernandez-Araico, English & Foreign Languages

Delia Leon, Registrar?s

Charles Millner, Jr., Chemistry

Sandi Pinedo, Facilities Design/Construction

Leonard Ross, Operations Management

Aureliano Ruiz, Counseling & Psychological Services

Beverly Schuster, Physics

Velma Smith, Mathematics

Andrea Vestey, Biological Sciences

There are no biographies available for the following 30-year recipients:

Charles Amelin, Mathematics

Donald Bell, Computer Information Systems

Nenita Cabacungan, Food Nutrition & Consumer Education

Richard Kaae, Horticultural/Plant Soil Science