University's Division of Instructional & Information Technology Provides Webcast To Connect 9/11 Youth Congress

Cal Poly Pomona?s Division of Instructional & Information Technology (I⁢) helped bring a national quorum to the 9/11 Youth Congress on Sept. 10, an event hosted by the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles in an effort to help young people better understand the realities of a post 9/11 world.

I⁢ provided the technical resources for a live webcast, allowing schools and organizations from as far away as New York to get involved by connecting to the university?s video streaming site.

Those groups taking part utilized two computers, one to view the live video involving those students in attendance at the Museum of Tolerance and another to communicate with the student congress via an instant messaging system. The combination allowed students from different areas to view activities from the museum along with responding to polls and questions as well as providing additional feedback.

?Immersive, interactive, broadband video technology is opening up a new world of communications opportunities and choices. As one of the leading educational institutions in the use of video streaming over the Internet for educational purposes, Cal Poly Pomona is pleased to collaborate with the Museum of Tolerance in making possible the 9/11 Youth Congress,? said Mark Waters, I⁢ Director of External Relations. ?This initiative is a perfect example of how streaming media technology can be used for learning and education and can promote positive social change.?

Students from I-Poly were among those taking part in the event. They joined with students from other schools and organizations exchanging ideas and impressions drawn from the days since last year?s 9/11 tragedy.