Intranet Services Outage

The university is currently having problems today (Wednesday, Sept. 18) with one of the file servers on the Intranet. Please note that other central systems such as the Administrative Cluster (which runs Banner, Viking and other services) and Peoplesoft are NOT affected.

Fortunately, due to the redundant and distributed design of the Intranet, this is not a global problem for all Intranet clusters. However, 50 percent of the university's Intranet customers are not able to access their individual or group file shares and any services associated with these shares such as e-mail and web services. Please note that e-mail will be queued at the gateways for those who are not able to access their file shares; therefore, no loss of e-mail is anticipated.

Other services within the Intranet such as the central web services home page, phone-based interactive voice response system, WebCT and the Cal Poly Pomona data server for our CGI snapshots (which service our web-based “Database queries” such as holds, study lists, grades, etc…) are operating normally and are not affected by this service disruption.

It is the highest priority of Enterprise Computing to bring these services back online as soon as possible.

Status information is available at the Help Desk information line at (909) 869-3133, option 2 (computer service disruptions). For questions, contact the Help Desk at (909) 869-6776.

Your patience is appreciated.