19th Annual Hot Dog Caper A "Relished" University Tradition

19th Annual Hot Dog Caper A "Relished" University Tradition
Jane Ollenburger, vice-president of Academic Affairs, distributes hot dogs at last year's 18th annual Hot Dog Caper in the University Quad.
Students make a dash for free hot dogs!

The 19th Annual Hot Dog Caper will feed and entertain thousands of hungry Cal Poly Pomona students, staff and faculty on Thursday, Sept. 26, from noon to 1 p.m. in University Park.

The Cal Poly Pomona Foundation Inc., Associated Students Inc., Facilities Planning & Management, MAB Services Inc. and Pepsi-Cola Co. co-sponsor the event in an effort to bring the campus community together at the beginning of each fall quarter.

?We look forward to this event every year because it is an opportunity to show our appreciation to the entire campus community,? said Paul Storey, Executive Director of Cal Poly Pomona Foundation.

Nearly 300 students, staff and faculty members, including university President Bob Suzuki and his wife Agnes, have volunteered to work the line serving free hot dogs, vegetarian dogs, chips, soft drinks and ice cream sandwiches. All volunteers will receive a certificate of appreciation and a free T-shirt.

Last year?s Hot Dog Caper served up more than 8,500 free frankfurters to famished folks.

This year?s event will also feature entertainment from the up-and-coming music group, Fertile Soil, and Pepsi?s Velcro Climbing Wall.

For a 1,438-acre university campus with approximately 19,000 students and 2,500 faculty and staff of diverse ages and ethnicities, the Hot Dog Caper has proved to be a valuable tradition that unifies the campus.