“I've learned about soil science, botany, plan diseases, entomology and microbiology,” says agronomy major Paul Nurre, student resident of the university ranch.

FLASHBACK: College of Agriculture Adapts to Expanding Urbanization, Food Trends

Editor’s Note: Cal Poly Pomona is running a series of flashback stories this week in honor of the renaming of the College of Agriculture to the Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture. This story originally ran June 4, 2006.

Crop fields and dairy farms that once thrived in Southern California have nearly all been replaced by residential neighborhoods, shopping centers and businesses. Citrus groves and corn fields have for the most part disappeared in a region where agriculture land is often converted to higher-yielding urban development. The College of Agriculture is adapting to current industry trends, including urbanized farming. Perhaps the most exciting new project that will help prime students