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Best Travel Credit Cards

Michael Godfrey, associate dean of The Collins College of Hospitality Management weighs in on whether it makes sense to get the best credit card for travel.

“Personally, I use AMEX ‘Blue Everyday Cash’ for everything other than Costco, as it gives me more value back than a travel card based on how I use it. Therefore, my personal answer is yes. For travel, I use it in conjunction with programs like Marriott Rewards and Hilton Honors.”

This story appeared on Wallet Hub on April. 6.

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What some colleges are quietly doing to help undocumented students

Cal Poly Pomona has joined a list of colleges and universities creating resource centers and putting other support structures in place for undocumented students. The University of Utah has quietly agreed to create a resource center for undocumented students, and has hired a coordinator to run it. Similar supports have been put in place by Georgetown, Harvard, Western Washington University, San Diego State, San Francisco State and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

This story appeared on Hechinger  on March.28.

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Key to leadership success is defining personal values and strengthsKey to leadership success is defining personal values and strengths

Soraya Coley, Ph.D., became the first female and black president of California Polytechnic University at Pomona in 2014. Coley, who grew up in a legally segregated North Carolina and attended segregated schools, had a vested interest in higher education from a young age.

This story appaeared on Online library on March.25.

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Developing cyber ‘athletes’ ready for competition, good careers: Guest commentary

Ron Pike, a professor of computer information systems, weighs in on how to develop cyber athletes fit for competition.

“Students do not show up untrained and unskilled seeking to become Division I basketball players, and in that vein we need trained cyber athletes. We must instill the same skill development framework and mentality of athletes in students to foster cybersecurity talent and address the growing cyber skills gap prevalent across industries.”

This story appeared on Whitter Daily News on March.21.