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Juliet is a communication and events specialist with the College of Science at Cal Poly Pomona. She is also an alumna (Comm., ’93).

Mohammad Husain is a computer science professor at Cal Poly Pomona.

Professor Goes Out of His Way to Push the Learning Boundaries for Students

Computer Science Professor Mohammad Husain is on a mission to make his field more welcoming to women and minorities.

For the past four years, he’s worked tirelessly to help them succeed in computer science, cybersecurity and other STEM fields.

“What motivates me every moment of every day is students,” Husain says. “I am continually impressed by their incredible talent, desire to learn, and innovative ideas that have the potential to change the high-tech landscape.”

One of his achievements is helping students establish sheCodes, a 30 student-strong campus club that encourages females to pursue their passion for programming, an industry that is less than 20 percent women.

“We started because Dr.