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Emily is a communications specialist in the Office of Public Affairs and a Cal Poly Pomona alumna. She writes about the colleges of Science and Agriculture. Her other duties include wading through the murky world of social media.

Richard Torres, Nico Lalangan and Mitchell Duran assist Grid Alternatives staff installing a solar panel on a house in Riverside where engineering students have spent their spring break.

Cal Poly Pomona Students Energized by Helping Others

It’s a warm spring day in Riverside. Puffy white clouds drift through azure skies. Students clad in yellow harnesses and white hard hats are clambering around as they heave solar panels into place atop the roof of a suburban home. They’re frenetic and busy and looking rather like ants scrambling over a picnic basket.

On the ground their compatriots stare with wide eyes at German Coreas as he barks safety rules at them. He’s a jolly fellow, but the rules are serious and he’s serving them straight up: ‘You must wear a hard hat at all times. You must remain tethered in at all times.’ The students are 20-plus feet