Rose Float Hidden ‘Easter Eggs’ Revealed

Rose Float Hidden "Easter Eggs" are revealed.
Rose Float Hidden “Easter Eggs” are revealed.

On Jan. 1, the Cal Poly Universities’ Rose Float, “Dreams Take Flight,” rolled down Colorado Boulevard as part of the 129th Rose Parade. On board were 14 “hidden” items providing a treasure hunt to eagle-eyed viewers.

Off-Camera Side (port side)

  1. Chameleon on stamp on orange plane, honoring the 2016 float, “A New Leaf”
  2. Second chameleon design in coconut on ribbon under orange plane
  3. Spaceship stamp on the green plane, honoring the 2011 float, “Galactic Expedition”
  4. Mickey-shaped head on the purple band between the lower and mid-tiers at the base of the cream ribbon

 On-Camera Side (starboard side)

(Hint: These stamps honor the universities’ 70-year tradition of floats in the Rose Parade.)

  1. Griffin stamp honoring the 2015 float, “Soaring Stories,” on front of orange plane
  2. Gummy Bear on the stamp honoring the 2016 float, “Sweet Shenanigans,” is on the tail of the orange plane
  3. Octopus stamp honoring 2014 float, “Bedtime Buccaneers,” on the front of the yellow plane
  4. Dragon stamp honoring the 2008 float, “Guardians of Harmony,” on the front of the green plane under the wing
  5. Penguin stamp honoring 2013 float, “Tuxedo Air,” on the body of the orange plane 

Bonus Challenge

  1. Bronco on the back of the float
  2. Mustang on the back of the float
  3. Hand and Heart in the center of the float
  4. A second Mickey-shaped head on the purple band between the bottom and mid-tiers, behind the “e” in Cal Poly Universities
  5. Mushroom Village on the side of the pod, among the pink roses under the orange plan
  6. Studio Ghibli Village (Hint: Look for Totoro) on the back of the float, bottom tier, towards left

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