November 2014

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Business Continuity Planning on Campus

Don’t forget to update your department’s business continuity plan when any changes occur (new processes, change in staff/office locations, updated contact information, etc.). The goal is to prepare for readiness so the campus can remain viable if an unforeseen event occurs. To read about business continuity, preparation, helpful tools and the PolyReady login screen, visit For other questions, call (909) 869-3732.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings to Start

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings will be held on campus starting Nov. 25. Meetings will be held every Tuesday from noon to 1 p.m. The sessions are open to anyone in any stage of recovery for an addiction co-dependency. For more information, go to

Shape Up Your Commute: Join Rideshare

Join the Rideshare program during November and be automatically entered into a drawing for a chance to win a three-month membership to the BRIC. This promotion will end on Nov. 30 and winners will be announced in early December. For more information, visit