June 2012

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Safety Training Available for Summer Quarter

Opening are still available in the emergency procedures, fire extinguisher, fire safety, forklift refresher, hazard communication, hazardous waste management, heat illness prevention, medical waste management, pesticide safety, respirator, respirator fit testing and various web-based training courses. To view the current schedule please link to www.cpp.edu/~ehs/ftp/trainsched.pdf. For information on web-based training please link to www.cpp.edu/~ehs/ftp/ClarityInfo.pdf. For a list of the training required for all employees (AKA Essential Training) please link to www.cpp.edu/~ehs/ftp/Training-Employees.doc.

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Aerospace Engineering Course

The College of the Extended University is offering a specialized certificate course on the structural analyses methods used to identify the most suitable launch vehicle stage diameter, structural configuration, constructions and material. Registration is open for the Structural Analysis Techniques for Preliminary Design of Launch Vehicle Structures course, which will begin July 9. For details, go to www.ceu.cpp.edu/courses/dynamic_content/certificates/default.aspx?certid=2114.