February 2007

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It's Nearly Time to Spring Forward

As of March 11, Daylight Savings Time begins two weeks earlier than in the past and runs three weeks longer. The majority of computer-based devices, including computers, Personal Digital Assistants and cell phones, have been pre-programmed with the historic version of Daylight Savings Time and need updates.
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Access To Excellence Set For Friday

Cal Poly Pomona faculty, staff and students are invited to a special campus-wide celebration on Friday, March 2. Access to Excellence will focus on strategic areas that are central to our capacity for enhancing student access and success as well as academic quality in the next decade.
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PeopleSoft/BroncoDirect Newsletter

The new PeopleSoft/BroncoDirect Newsletter will arrive in your mailbox each quarter. The PeopleSoft team wants to communicate regularly with its users to ensure that they have the support they need to use BroncoDirect and PeopleSoft effectively. Each addition will contain news about changes, tips and tricks that are not new but may have been forgotten, and an Ask the Experts feature. http://www.cpp.edu/~psbdnews/