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N.T. "Bala" Balakrishnan

N.T. “Bala”
Balakrishnan , lecturer, Technology & Operations Management, and Patricia Worsham, lecturer, Management & Human Resources, made a joint presentation on “What You Need to Know About Mergers and Acquisitions” at the IPC printed Circuit Expo in March 2002 at the Long Beach Convention Center. The forum was the IPC trade association’s PWB Presidents Management Meeting, which addresses the unique challenges faced by the Printed Wiring Industry. Balakrishnan also chaired a technical session entitled “Process Improvement: Make it Better, Faster and Cheaper.” This session presented five technical papers covering such topics as automation, quality improvement, inventory management and software development for delivering products quickly from design to the

Tuesday, 12/24/2002

Tuesday, 12/24/2002

President Bob Suzuki chats with Rachelle Nam and Matt Wiesma of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo during a luncheon in support of student workers on the Cal Poly Universities rose parade entry.